Vegetarians and Vegans eating insects...Is there a grey area?

We have so many customers that come to our farmer's market stand and start trying our samples of our cricket products. They sometimes ask if it's okay that they are eating insects because they are vegetarian or vegan. We say if you are doing it for the planet then yes maybe it is fine for you. Insects are a great source of iron, calcium, potassium, protein, and many other nutrients. Also, I've always heard if everyone eats meatless for at least one day a week it is a great way to help slow down the deterioration of our ecosystem! This reason is the same as to why we incorporate insects into our diet.

Livestock contributes to a huge percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Going meatless or eating insects helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions immensely. The more people that do it, the longer our planet with thrive. If everyone started substituting "normal" livestock proteins for insect protein, we would conserve water, cut back major air pollutants, feed and land use among other contributors to the destruction of our planet. So, if the reason you are vegan or vegetarian is for these purposes, then why not eat insects as well?

Insects are most likely a part of everyone's diet. There are insect fragments in produce, peanut butter, chocolate, tomato soup, etc. Just not in a huge amount. A regular person consumes about a pound of insects a year without even knowing it. 

There are plenty of ways for vegetarians and vegans to get their nutrition and energy. So...the question is: Where do YOU draw the line?