When life gives you lemons...you eat crickets!

     A few years ago my sisters and I found ourselves pondering about life. Alex,  worked at her job for over 8 years, moved to Colorado for a new experience only to find herself back in Charleston working at the same job again. Gabby, graduated college, moved back to her home town in hopes to land a job in the public health sector only to find herself working the same job as Alex, now  going on 4 years. Vicky on the other hand was a little more free spirited and jumped around jobs finding the right fit, only to find herself broke.

      As we all sat there on the beach with friends and the pups, we got to thinking about what we wanted in life, what made us happy and what we were passionate about. One word came to mind...travel. We reflected upon our travels, what we saw, who we met, what we ate, and that was when we really got to thinking about the differences between cultures. One main difference is diet. Traveling almost desensitized us from what exactly we were eating, we were happy to eat anything if it was new, tasty, and decent smelling! We didn't really understand the value of all of the insects, vegetables, and odd foods we were eating until we did our research and compared it to our culture. Before you knew it we were ordering live crickets by the thousands to our  house and googling how to build an insect farm and raise insects. We built our quaint little insect farm in my guest bedroom and are now about to go off to a new venture selling edible insects for human consumption to our peers and community in the form of baked goods and flour. 

     We have no idea what to expect from it, all we do know is that we have never been this excited to put so much effort into a something without even knowing the outcome! Life really never has a specific plan for you; one day you could be working a job, two jobs, no job, the next you feel the urge to order crickets to your house to eat them. What we do know is nothing can take away the experiences we've shared during this venture; all of the conversations it has opened up, people we've met, jokes, laughs, excuses to travel some more for "research," and knowing that we are taking a step forward in sustaining our future and promoting something for a good cause. Nothing can beat all of that!