About us

   The starters of Jiminy Co. are three sisters: Gabrielle, Alexandra and Victoria Barons. We are all born and raised in Charleston, SC. Our ethnic background (Panamanian), has allowed us to experience different cultures in relation to lifestyle, food consumption,and environmental relationships.
   Upon traveling, we discovered a lifestyle that is referred to as "environmentally wise." We have interpreted and adopted the term as a representation of how people in different countries live on the basic necessities, while maintaining a balance between the needs of their biological self and the needs of the environment.  
   One aspect of this "environmentally wise" term has to do with micro-livestock, which is what they eat. Micro-livestock, according to the medical dictionary are "animals that are much smaller than standard breeds of livestock, which adapt to various environments, breed easily, and survive on diverse marginal food supplies". In these environmentally wise cultures they consume crickets, meal worms, stink bugs, and grasshoppers, among other insects and reap the same benefits as if they were to eat poultry, beef, or swine.
   We realize that with a fraction of the amount of greenhouse gasses that are produced by such animals, crickets contain the same if not more beneficial nutrients, without exhausting our natural resources.
         What we want to bring to Charleston is a product that is both environmentally and economically responsible, as well as one that contains the essential nutrients that our body needs. We want to sell crickets for human consumption.  We strongly believe that eating insects could solve the problem of food sustainability.
   With the increasing population of an approximately 3 billion people by 2050, 70% more food will be needed to sustain that number, meaning 70% more land which we do not have. 

     We want to share with Charleston, and anyone who has an open mind, our environmentally wise lifestyle. We hope to transition people into eating an alternative source of protein, one that is sustainable, healthy and of course with our product,